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Which skincare persona are you?

Nowadays, more people are interested in taking care of their physical and mental health. On social media we can see this switch in mindset with sports coaches and skincare gurus. Today , we made a list of the different kinds of skincare enthousiast we’ve encountered. This list is made on the basis of personal experience and some persona might not have been encountered by the author of this article .

The skincare beginner 

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You  just started to take care of your skin.  You do not know much about skin care but you are willing to find what works best for your skin. You are curious and willing to learn about skincare. Just remember, there is no quick fix in skincare. Be patient, skincare takes time.  

The minimalist 

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You have established a routine skincare. It has all the essentials :  a cleanser, a moisturizer and a sunscreen. You like a simple routine. You might have a few specific products to treat a specific skin concern. 

The maximalist

You also have routine but it has all the essentials b and also treat many specific concerns. Your routine could have at least six steps with two cleansers, a toner, a few serums, a few face masks, a moisturizing cream , a face oil and of course a sunscreen during the day.  You love skincare and no one can tell you otherwise.

The trend hopper

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You love skincare and you love trying new skincare products. You’ve tried all the tik tok trends. You love using trending products and this makes you a skincare connaisseur.

The hoarder

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Different from the trend hopper, you own all the skincare products there are. You love skincare , you have cabinets full of them.Some products you haven’t used yet but you love them all. You treasure your products.

The skincare expert

You know everything about skincare. You know about skin type. You know all the ingredients. You also know what works for your skin. You love skincare and love talking and sharing skincare tips. You are a skincare expert !

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