Tips to sleep better

Tips to sleep better

Nowadays, the urge for productivity and success often leads to sacrificing free time and sleep. But, resting and more so sleeping is essential for a person ‘s well being. In fact, sleep is when the body gets to be restored. So to maintain a healthy lifestyle, do not neglect sleeping.  A restful sleep is a result of your habits and your sleeping environment. Today,  we will share a few tips to help you sleep better. 


Sleeping tips linked to healthy habits 

Having a healthy lifestyle  comes with establishing a routine which includes exercise two to three times a week.  Reducing or stopping the consumption of alcohol will help improve the quality of your sleep. A hard step to take is setting and respecting a consistent bedtime to make sure you are able to have seven to eight hours of sleep. Also, the key to succeeding this step is unwinding an hour of two before it’s time for you to fall asleep. Unwinding with relaxing activities such as meditation to calm your spirit before bed or doing your skincare routine to relax your senses before falling asleep. Liberate or Calm are two apps that are easy to use for beginners. You can also create a skincare routine with our skin quiz which you can find here.


Sleeping tips linked to good sleeping environment

This is all about your bedroom atmosphere. The bedroom should be a sanctuary to appease your spirit and enable a restful sleep. For that it is recommended to make the bedroom an electronic free zone. Meaning that your phone and your computer are not welcome in the bedroom. Trade your favorite true crime docuseries with a good paperback book. Also taking herbal tea like chamomile or lavender can help you to fall asleep. The most important sleeping necessity is a comfortable bed with soft pillows and silky sheets.

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