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Three tips for beauty addicts mindful of the environment

As millennials one of our  main concerns is how often our lifestyle impacts the environment. Today, we are going to show  how being a beauty addict can be compatible with being mindful of the environment.

1°Know your skin 

Knowing your skin is very important when you are trying to reduce your environmental impact.  Let me explain, when you know your skin and  you know what works for you, you are less likely to be buying products you do not need. This is why our first step is getting to know our skin. If you are still struggling to figure out your skin type. Our skin care quiz is here to help you (find it here

2° Pick skincare products with recyclable packaging or plastic free packaging

Plastic because it is very affordable and versatile is the most commonly used material to create cosmetic products packaging. However, plastic waste takes at least five decades to decompose. Most plastic containers end up in landfills for years. To reduce plastic waste, you can  :

  • Buy brands that use glass containers, aluminum  or even steel packaging 
  • Opt for packaging free skincare such as soap bars or solid shampoo (Check out Skin Gourmet African black soap and Liha beauty Ose Gidi Soap)

  •  You can also recycle your skincare packaging (even plastic)
  •  Give them a new role (flower pots, candles holder ) 

3° Choose sustainable brands

Be on the lookout for sustainable brands. What is great about our selection of A- beauty brands is that they are mindful of the environment. As you know, A-beauty refers to beauty products whose composition is based mainly on natural ingredients from Africa and/ or techniques from African culture.   A-beauty products  are often inspired by the rich biodiversity of the African continent and sometimes enter the slow beauty .  To find the A-beauty products that are mindful of the environment click here.

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