The best skin care routine for oily skin

The best skin care routine for oily skin

Excess sebum, constantly shiny skin, and often subject to imperfections. This describes the problems encountered by people with oily skin. In this article, we will explain what oily skin is and guide you in establishing a skin care routine that is adapted to your skin.


What is oily skin?

Oily skin is when the sebaceous glands secrete excess sebum. This is visible with the presence of an oily film on the skin that is generally described by "a shiny or glossy appearance of the skin". This oily film clogs the pores which results in the appearance of imperfections such as blackheads and pimples.
Several factors are at the origin of oily skin. These include genetics, hormonal changes, and seasonal changes.

There are not only downsides to having oily skin. In fact, oily skin is less sensitive to irritation and signs of aging.

There are several tests to determine if you have oily skin. The tissue paper test is the best known. Place a piece of tissue paper over your entire face. If the paper shows traces of oil on the whole face, you have oily skin. There are also tests on the internet that diagnose your skin. You can try our skincare quiz here to help you discover your skin type.

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What routine is right for oily skin?

The ideal routine for someone with oily skin is a gentle and simple skincare routine without products that could "strip the face". These products irritate the skin and as a result the skin produces more sebum to protect itself.

Step 1: Gently cleanse the skin

It is important to cleanse the skin in the morning with a gentle cleanser to remove excess sebum such as  :

-  the Milk Cleanser from MELYON 


- the Musaclean Cleansing Gel from KADALYS


It is also recommended to double cleanse in the evening to remove the day's impurities in depth. For a good double cleansing, start with a cleansing oil such as the Divine Cleansing oil from Nebedai which is fragrance-free and vegan or the Musaclean Melting Cleansing Oil from Kadalys which is an organic and vegan cleansing oil before continuing with your usual cleanser.

Step 2: Moisturize your skin

It is essential to moisturize your skin even if it is oily. Indeed, putting a light moisturizer in the morning and evening protects the skin against external aggressions. Here are some suggestions:
the Day Cream and Night Cream from Melyon

melyon day and night creams

It is important not to forget the suncreen during the day.

Bonus: Complementary care

Once a week, it is recommended to use an absorbent mask or a gentle peeling or scrub to deeply clean the pores. Here is a selection of products to unclog pores:

Purifying White Clay from Nectarome  Musaclean Organic  Exfoliating Peel from Kadalys

Oily skin is prone to many imperfections, An anti-imperfection skin care oil like Nebedai's DivineNight Spot Treatment is perfect to apply in the evenings to treat spots or hyperpigmentation.

Now that you know the best skincare routine for oily skin, do you want to know how to address your skin's other needs: treating hyperpigmentation, aging, clogged pores, sensitivity? Download our free guide on how to care for your skin here. Available in English and French.

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