Special summer edition: skincare routine and beauty bag for the summer vacation

Special summer edition: skincare routine and beauty bag for the summer vacation

The summer season is always great for your mood, but it can be a little tricky for your skincare routine. With the sun, the heat, the beach and the upcoming vacations, the skincare routine tends to be forgotten.
To avoid this, our advice is to simplify your summer skincare routine and go on vacation with only the essentials.

What's in our African beauty skincare routine this summer?

This routine is ideal for dry skin. In the morning we recommend using :
The Melyon Milk Cleanser to gently cleanse the skin without irritating it
Followed by the Melyon's Detox Serum to start moisturizing the skin and then  Kadalys comforting cream to moisturize the skin.
To finish use UnSun Tinted Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30 before applying makeup.

In the evening, we recommend a double cleanse with Epara's Natural Cleansing Oil to eliminate impurities and Kadalys  Organic Clarifying Lotion to remove the last traces of makeup and impurities and to unify and bring radiance to the skin thanks to a hypoallergenic complex of arginine and lactic acid.
Next, we apply Epara's Brightening Night Balm, a luxurious and nourishing balm that targets imperfections, evens out skin tone and reduces hyperpigmentation. The face is hydrated, smooth and youthful.
Finally, we apply Nebedai's Glow Divin to diminish scars and dark spots, brighten skin.



What's in our vacation toiletry bag this summer?

No one wants to pack too much into their toiletry bag, so we put together a three-step routine. It's a mix of products that are part of our summer routine.
To clean your face we recommend using the Milk cleanser from melyon followed by the Comforting cream from Kadalys to moisturize the skin and the Tinted mineral sunscreen from UnSun for protection in the mornings . In the evenings we apply the Glow Divin oil from Nebedai as the thrid and last step of our routine.




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Image from Pexels by Polina Tankilevitch

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