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Our African Cosmetics Brands

Are you looking for clean, authentic, nature-friendly brands that will change your life? In our selection of "clean" brands are hidden two African cosmetic brands. That is, cosmetics made in Africa which we are delighted to present to you :



NEBEDAI : slow beauty the Senegalese way


Nebedai- huile nettoyante - huile de moringa - huile visage - serum


NEBEDAI in Wolof language from Senegal means "Never die" nickname of moringa, the star ingredient of this brand because of its numerous virtues for the whole body. NEBEDAI is all about holistic beauty, a slower beauty. This brand combines natural ingredients and scientific innovations. The range was developed without perfume to please sensitive skin.

Discover their beauty must-have:

- The cleansing oil: Divine Cleansing oil that gently cleanses the skin.

- The all-in-one face oil: Divine Glow, a moringa oil that illuminates the skin and evens out the complexion

-The anti-imperfection serum : Divine Night Spot Treatment eliminates spots without irritating the skin. And yes, it is possible!


NECTAROME : Natural cosmetics with Moroccan know-how


Nectarome - organic cosmetics - face oil - african black soap - clay mask


NECTAROME gives new life to ancestral beauty recipes from the Moroccan and Berber heritage. They create healthy and authentic products without compromising on their effectiveness. What made us fall in love with NECTAROME: their commitment to the Ourika Valley region, where they are the first employer, as well as the sensory qualities of their products: their unctuous texture and addictive scents.

Their famous cult products :

- The Organic Argan Oil, a natural oil for face, body, hair that moisturizes and nourishes. A few drops are enough to give a luminous effect on the skin and hair.

- The Black Soap with Olive Oil and Eucalyptus , an African soap recipe, it prepares the skin for gentle exfoliation, while keeping it moisturized. Perfect for a luxurious homemade scrub.

- The Face Serum with Prickly Pear Oil, Argan and Neroli to boost the skin and smooth wrinkles.

- The Soothing Mask with Honey and Neroli, with its creamy texture and enchanting scent, moisturizes and nourishes the skin in depth for a silky and plump skin.

- A  clay mask, the Purifying Mask with White Clay, to clean the skin in depth, and tighten the pores naturally. Its effects on the skin is immediate.


Discover our African cosmetic products here!


Image from Pexels Jackson David

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