Dark Spots and Hyperpigmentation On Black Skin

Dark Spots and Hyperpigmentation On Black Skin

Are you darker around the chin and middle of the face? Do you have dark circles under the eyes?  Those are frequent problems that plague black skin.
So, today, we are talking about hyperpigmentation and dark spots., the
 complexion issues, that can make our skin less glowy and not so blemish-free.

Why does this happen? 

Hyper pigmentation and darks spots often happen when the skin reacts to 'aggressions' by producing an excess of melanin ( the pigment that colors the skin) leading to darker areas and dark spots. Another downside of this is that complexion loses its luminosity, dark spots and marks appear.

The main causes of hyperpigmentation on black skin:

  • Popped acne pimples
  • Insect bites and other burns.
  • Exposure to the sun 
  • Hormonal disturbances such as pregnancy mask

Let’s take a closer look to how hyperpigmentation works :

The color of our skin is due to the presence of melanin pigments on the upper layer of the epidermis. These grains of melanin protect the skin from the sun. As long as they are produced in the right quantity, everything is fine. But if our skin is subjected to traumatic attacks (pimple popping, for example), hormonal changes (pregnancy or taking oral contraceptives), overexposure to the sun: melanin production increases and dark spots appear.

Bad news : The older they are, the harder it is to fade them.

Enough about the problems !

what solutions to treat hyperpigmentation on dark skin?

As always, prevention is better than cure , so these are the best steps to take preemptively :


... But when the spots are really there, there are two ways to remove them : exfoliation, and peeling such as :

    • Professional chemical peels : This is a medical procedure and should be done by a dermatologists. It regenerates the cells of the epidermis and stimulates the production of collagen fibers: the skin looks smoother, and is rid of all its imperfections, including pigmentation spots. 
    • Exfoliating peels : these help gently exfoliate the skin riding skin of imperfections and dark spots thanks to AHAs and BHAs. At Cacao, we love the Organic Exfoliating Peel by Kadalys and Freya+Bailey's DOYENNE AHA Brightening Serum - Sérum Éclat


    • Makeup : don’t forget , small imperfections can also be corrected with the right makeup

In our quest for our best skin, let us all remember that we are beautiful regardless of our original skin tone. Well-maintained skin will be radiant and luminous regardless of its tone. 

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