African Beauty Secrets You Should Know : Baobab Oil

African Beauty Secrets You Should Know : Baobab Oil

Each country and region has its own traditional rituals waiting to be discovered. These rituals contain beauty secrets that have been shared from generation to generation. In this series of articles, we will take a closer look at beauty rituals that originated in the cradle of humanity, Africa.

Today, we will discuss all things Baobab. 

What is Baobab?

The baobab is an african tree, often called the “tree of life” or “magic tree”. It is one of the largest succulents in the world and can thrive for thousands of years. In fact, the oldest baobab tree known today is 1,844 years old.
This tree can survive in the harshest and driest environments and still grow fruit. Pressed from the seeds of the baobab fruit, baobab oil has been used by African communities for centuries for health and beauty purposes.  It is rich in nutrients like vitamin E, A and omega fatty acids. This golden oil is light in texture and nutty in smell. 

What are the benefits of Baobab oil or extracts for the skin?

Baobab oil is primarily known for its regenerative and hydrating properties. More specifically , for the skin,  thanks to its high content in antioxidants, baobab oil can help :

-Fight against free radicals :  Baobab has one of the highest antioxidant content , this makes it a perfect ingredient for aging skin.

-Moisturize dry skin: Baobab’s oil moisturizing properties makes it a formidable ally to lock  moisture into the skin and maintain a healthy skin barrier

-Promote collagen production : Thanks to its high content in vitamin C and omega fatty acids, baobab oil aids skin in the production of collagen, which is vital for radiant and youthful skin.

-Fight dark spots and hyperpigmentation : the oil helps relieve the skin of dullness and can lighten dark spots.
Baobab oil can also be used to strengthen nails and nourish hair.

How to add baobab to your beauty routine?

Baobab oil is a gentle enough oil to be used daily. Anyone can use it whether you're suffering from dry, sensitive, or oily skin. So how can you use :

- as the first step of a double cleanse : baobab oil is not only nourishing but cleansing as well. Gently massage the oil into damp skin and rinse thoroughly with a cotton pad or cloth.

- as a face oil : Apply it as a last step of your skincare routine, after your moisturizer for added hydration or as a sealant.

- Added to your moisturizer: baobab oil can help make a moisturizer more nourishing especially for those winter months. Simply add a small amount to your moisturizer and apply it day or night.

- In a DIY mask : Baobab oil is compatible with most ingredients so don’t be shy,  add baobab oil to your favorite DIY recipe for some added benefits.

Use products with baobab : Some brands like Melyon, have harnessed the powers of baobab to create safe and ethical products with proven results. These products help combat the signs of aging, hyperpigmentation for all skin tones and types. Melyon products are paraben-free, vegan, ecological and haven't been animal tested.


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Have you ever tested baobab oils? What are your thoughts on it? 

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