4 Valentine’s Day Beauty Gifts for a self-care filled day. 

4 Valentine’s Day Beauty Gifts for a self-care filled day. 

Whether single, in a relationship or in the talking stages, Valentine’s day is just around the corner and it's the perfect occasion to treat yourself , your friends or a loved one! 

So if you're struggling to figure out what to give , or how to spend the day, we got you. Find the idea that works for you and enjoy a love filled day :) 

  • Idea 1 : A romantic evening thanks to 

The Extreme Hydration DUO 



Perfect for a romantic soirée or to upgrade your self-care routine. Fan of massages? This iconic duo is the one for you and/or your partner. Nothing beats a deep tissue massage with some shea butter!  Then , slather on the aphrodisiac Idan Oil and you are guaranteed a passionate evening.


  • Idea 2 : Spa day with the girls courtesy of 

The Skin Bright DUO



Planning a Galentine’s day? How about making it an at home spa experience? Grab your favorite girlfriends, a bottle of wine , and these skin care baddies to indulge in a stress free night your skin (and friends) will thank you for. This combination of Freya and Bailey products is our go-to for bright and fresh skin.

  • Idea 3 : Bring your best skin forward for any outing with

The Ultimate Glow Duo 



Nothing will go better with that perfect date outfit than perfectly glowy skin ! Start by prepping your skin the night before with the Divine Night Treatment , to reduce inflammation if breaking out or struggling with hyperpigmentation,  and add a few drops of the Glow Divine oil to your favorite moisturizer for a perfect glowy look on the day off.  


  • Idea 4 : Self love day for the single kings and queens with

The Essentials DUO



Who says you need to be in a relationship to enjoy Valentine's Day ? Use this day to focus on what is really important : YOU and a great skincare routine. The Essentiels will provide you with the base you need to achieve the skin of your dreams : plump and clear skin.What’s not to love?

So let us know, which Duo matches with your Valentine's day plans?

Photo by jasmin chew from Pexels

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