4 skin care and well-being tips for the summer

4 skin care and well-being tips for the summer

June is well underway, plane tickets are booked and now all that's left to do is enjoy a well-deserved summer. However, it's not always easy to disconnect and feel confident when it’s "bikini body" season so here are our 4 tips to enjoy your summer with confidence.


1. Get into a positive frame of mind with self-acceptance mantras

Thought has an undeniable power over our state of mind and how we feel about ourselves and the situations that affect us. It is often the only thing we can control. So why not take advantage of it this summer (and every day of our lives)?

Repeat to yourself phrases like :

- I am living my best life.
- Every day I wake up beautiful and confident
- This summer, I let myself be spontaneous and free.
- This summer, I realize what my heart desires.

It may seem very forced at first, but habits form and a new positive outlook on life will allow you to see results and feel better than ever.

2. Drink more water

Nowadays, we all know that hydration is super important. It helps with energy, digestion, headaches and nourishing the skin from the inside out. Hydration is even more important in the summer because we are more exposed to the sun. It also plays a role in the balance of dopamine and serotonin in the brain. And yes, drinking water can affect our moods, which is why we include it in this list!

3. Get off social media

Social media can be negative for our mental health, as it is often a source of anxiety, constant comparisons and FOMO. What if this summer we gave ourselves a break by scheduling some offline time? Imagine a summer IRL, spending precious time enjoying the sun and our loved ones, being present.

4. Update your self care routine

Summer being here means it’s time for a new self-care routine : to prepare your skin and hair for the sun, your body for the seasonal clothes and your mind for the new rhythm of life. A perfect season to be introduced to African Beauty with the following gems:

A body scrub for luminous skin: The Hibiscus & Tea Tree Sugar Scrub from Skin Gourmet removes dry and dead skin, leaving the skin soft and smooth. It also prepares the skin for hair removal. Tea tree essential oil is used for its antibacterial properties (and subtle fragrance) and coconut oil and honey help keep skin moisturized and protected. 

The Precious Radiance Oil Organic Yellow Banana for highly protected hair : This dry oil has a natural UV filter from macadamia oil. It also contains Roucou oil and Buriti oil which protect the colorings and prevent the dehydration of the hair.

Before exposing your hair to the sun, sea or pool, apply Radiance oil to your ends to nourish and coat the hair fiber, which will then absorb much less chlorinated or salty water.

The summer must-nave, a Tinted Mineral Sunscreen: If you're like us, an important part of your summer skincare routine is reducing makeup considerably. Opt for a light, protected complexion with Unsun's 3-in-1 sunscreen that evens out and lightly corrects skin tone, while providing SPF 30 protection. 

The best tip for repairing the skin, the Intense Hydrating Mask: After a day at the beach or a long exposure to the sun, apply the Intense Hydration Mask by Epara. It will nourish and repair the skin while softening the skin texture.  


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Photo by Arın Turkay from Pexels

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