What is A-beauty (African Beauty) ?

What is A-beauty (African Beauty) ?

You know K-Beauty and J-Beauty but chances are you’ve never heard of A-beauty
So, let’s get into what A-beauty is and why  it is about to be EVERYWHERE.

What is A-beauty?

A-beauty, short for African beauty, is a term used for beauty products that originate from Africa and its diaspora. Products that are often inspired by the rich biodiversity of the African continent.
A-beauty is not about a specific routine to follow, it is a more holistic approach to beauty, grounded in ancestral African traditions with simple, natural and multipurpose ingredients that work for all.Ingredients like : Shea butter, Moringa Oil, Argan oil or marula oil.
Today , these traditions and ingredients are being reworked and amplified, through science, by Africa and its diaspora worldwide to fit modern women and men.

 A movement to watch

More than just a trend, A-beauty is where two movements in the beauty industry meet :
- Clean beauty, Beauty that focuses on ingredients and their impact on people and the environment
- Slow beauty : Beauty as a form of self-care that helps relieve anxiety and stress. Focusing on rituals in beauty and skincare to elevate everyday with sustainable products and simple regimes that work.

Finding its inspiration not only in natural and traditional ingredients but also in the healing rituals that surround these ingredients,  A-beauty is "clean", botanical, and slow. It is the continuous search for balance between nature and science, and the mindful celebration self and beauty.

But also, in a world and industry where inclusivity is primordial, Birthed by Africa and its diaspora, A-beauty is at its core inclusive and diverse.  It simply reflects the rainbow that is Africa

Our favorite A-beauty brands

When people think of Africa, they already have an idea in their head. A-beauty is here to help change that notion, and share with the world amazing products that come from Africa, and/or are made by the African Diaspora.

These are 3 of our Favorite A-beauty brands right now

1. Nectarome


Nectarome combines traditional Moroccan beauty recipes with advanced scientific knowledge.
Their products are 100% natural and manufactured in the of the valley of Ourika (Morocco) with the respect of the Moroccan savoir-faire.
This brand offers skincare products that are both affordable and respectful of the skin, the environment and the people involved in the manufacturing process.

2. Nebedai


Nebedai was born to boost your beauty routine and creates essential skincare products that capture the powerful properties of plants mainly found in Africa.
Nebedai means 'never die' in Wolof [a language of Senegal].
This brand doesn’t believe in fast paced beauty or instant fixes - instead the brand chooses a different approach by promoting slow beauty and a holistic approach to skincare.
Thanks to its combination of natural ingredients and laboratory innovation Nebedai has created beauty products to bring you confidence as you glow inside and out.

3. Liha Beauty



Liha Beauty is all about shifting beauty culture.
With their products, they bring a mixture of Natural African Roots and a Quintessentially British Attitude. This organic & vegan skincare line truly blends the rich botanical life of West Africa with traditional English aromatherapy and folk remedies in the very best way possible. 


So, what are your favorite A-beauty brands? 





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